Resilience on the Run

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Program background

Did you know that junior doctors experience significantly higher rates of burnout, depression and anxiety than the general population?

As a profession, it’s our responsibility to ensure doctors have the appropriate support, throughout their careers, to deal with the challenges of the medical profession. It is with this in mind that AMA Queensland’s Council of Doctors in Training researched and developed Resilience on the Run – a first-of-its-kind pilot program aimed at equipping young doctors with the resilience and coping skills needed to survive and thrive in medicine.

Resilience on the Run was piloted at Rockhampton Base Hospital in October 2015 and received considerable positive feedback. Hospital administration and interns found the program so helpful that they asked for it to be rolled out again.

Presented by resilience expert Dr Ira van der Steenstraten, the Resilience on the Run program focuses on developing techniques for resilience and mindfulness, better managing interpersonal relationships, navigating difficult scenarios on the job and practical steps for asking for help. Following delivery of the pilot program in 2016, Metro South Health engaged AMA Queensland to deliver the program for 140 interns across Princess Alexandra, Logan and Redlands Hospitals to overwhelmingly positive feedback. By August 2017, close to 370 interns had completed the program including delivery at Gold Coast University, Ipswich and Mackay Hospitals.

In 2017, Queensland Health announced that funding had been allocated in the State Budget to deliver programs to support mental health, increase resilience and promote wellbeing amongst the medical workforce.  The first phase of funding has been allocated to engage AMA Queensland to deliver Resilience on the Run to all medical interns from 2017-2019.

In 2018, AMA Queensland won the 2018 Best Public Health Initiative Award for the Resilience on the Run program delivered to all Queensland medical interns.

Program format and delivery mode

The program can be delivered as a customisable, face-to-face, two-part or three-part workshop series. Each session is 1.5 hours in length and topics include:

  • an introduction to mindfulness and how it can improve well-bring and resilience for doctors in training;
  • developing mindful communication techniques for more effective engagement with others;
  • strategies for dealing with burnout and compassion fatigue;
  • skills for managing challenging scenarios in the workplace e.g. caring for the dying patient or dealing with adverse feedback from a supervisor;
  • practical tips on getting help.

For all Resilience on the Run enquires, contact Lisa O'Donnell or Jennifer Burgess at AMA Queensland on (07) 3872 2222 or email

2019 Dates


Ipswich7 February11am - 12.30pmGroup A, Session 1Jubilee Building, Tutorial Rooms
Townsville12 February1pm - 2.30pmGroup A, Session 1TBC
Townsville13 February12.30pm - 2pmGroup B, Session 1TBC
Ipswich14 February11am - 12.30pmGroup B, Session 1Jubilee Building, Tutorial Rooms
Townsville19 February1pm - 2.30pmGroup A, Session 2TBC
Townsville20 February12.30pm - 2pmGroup B, Session 2TBC
Ipswich21 February11am - 12.30pmGroup A, Session 2Jubilee Building, Tutorial Rooms
Ipswich28 February11am - 12.30pmGroup B, Session 2Jubilee Building, Tutorial Rooms


Mount Isa6 March1pm - 2.30pmSession 1MICRRH
Mount Isa13 March1pm - 2.30pmSession 2MICRRH
Hervey Bay19 March1pm - 2.30pmSession 1Medical Education Demountable
Mackay26 March1pm - 2.30pmSession 1Brampton (ground floor, K Block - Education and Research Building
Toowoomba27 March1pm - 2.30pmGroup A, Session 1Freshney House, Suite 2


Mackay2 April1pm - 2:30pmSession 2Brampton (Ground floor K block - Education and Research Building)
Toowoomba3 April1pm - 2.30pmGroup A, Session 2Freshney House, Suite 2
Redcliffe16 April12noon - 1.30pmSession 1TBC
Hervey Bay23 April1pm - 2.30pmSession 2Medical Education Demountable


Mater2 May12.30pm - 2pmSession 1Mater Medical Study Space, Level 4, Duncombe Building
Redcliffe7 May12noon - 1.30pmSession 2Moreton Bay Integrated Care Centre Seminar & Lecture Rooms
Cairns9 May12noon - 1.30pmSession 1Level 4, A block
Prince Charles10 May12noon - 1.30pmSession 1Education Centre, Room 6 & 7
Redland14 May12noon - 1.30pmSession 1Conference Room 2
Cairns16 May12noon - 1.30pmSession 2Room 10, Level 4, A block
Prince Charles17 May12noon - 1.30pmSession 2Education Centre, Rooms 6 & 7
Redland21 May 12noon - 1.30pmSession 2Conference room 2
Logan24 May12noon - 1.30pmGroup A, Session 1Auditorium
Toowoomba29 May1pm - 2.30pmGroup B, Session 1Freshney House, Suite 2
Rockhampton30 May12noon - 1.30pmSession 1Medical Education Unit, Tutorial Room 2


Toowoomba5 June1pm - 2.30pmGroup B, Session 2Freshney House, Suite 2
Logan7 June12noon - 1.30pmGroup A, Session 2Auditorium
Sunshine Coast11 June12noon - 3pmGroup A, Sessions 1 & 2SCHI Room TBC
Rockhampton14 June12noon - 1.30pmSession 2Medical Education Unit, Tutorial Room 2
Mater20 June12.30pm - 2pmSession 2Mater Medical Study Space, Level 4, Duncombe Building


RBWH8 August12noon - 1.30pmGroup A, Session 1TBC
Caboolture9 August11.45am - 1.15pmSession 1Education and Skills Centre
Bundaberg14 August12.30pm - 2pmSession 1Medical Education Unit
RBHW15 August12noon - 1.30pmGroup A, Session 2TBC
Logan16 August12noon - 1.30pmGroup B, Session 1Auditorium
Sunshine Coast20 August12noon - 3pmGroup B, Sessions 1 & 2SCHI Room TBC
Logan23 August12noon - 1.30pmGroup B, Session 2Auditorium
Caboolture30 August11.45pm - 1.15pmSession 2Education and Skills Centre


Bundaberg4 September12.30pm - 2pmSession 2Medical Education Unit
Gold Coast Hospital10 September12noon - 1.30pmGroup A, Session 1Education Building
Gold Coast Hospital17 September12noon - 1.30pmGroup A, Session 2Education Building
RBWH19 September12noon - 1.30pmGroup B, Session 1Location TBC


RBWH3 October12noon - 1.30pmGroup B, Session 2Location TBC
Gold Coast Hospital8 October12noon - 1.30pmGroup B, Session 1Education Building
Princess Alexandra15 October12.45pm - 1.45pmGroup A, Session 1Auditorium
Princess Alexandra22 October12.45pm - 1.45pmGroup A, Session 2Room 4L.2
Princess Alexandra29 October12.45pm - 1.45pmGroup B, Session 1Room 4L.2


Princess Alexandra5 November12.45pm - 1.45pmGroup B, Session 2Room 4L.2
Gold Coast Hospital12 November12noon - 1.30pmGroup B, Session 2Education Building
Princess Alexandra19 November12.45pm - 1.45pmGroup C, Session 1Room 4L.2
Princess Alexandra26 November12.45pm - 1.45pmGroup C, Session 2Room 4L.2