22 Jun 2018

Queensland Junior Doctors - Tell us how your hospital measures up.

Only one week left to have your say on the current state of Queensland Hospitals, and how you are being treated on the job.

All responses are anonymous and will help to identify the hospitals and the key areas that need improvement.

The objective of this annual benchmarked survey is to determine whether:

  • Hospitals are meeting the grade when it comes to providing your leave;
  • Your roster is timely and appropriate;
  • You are encouraged to claim overtime that is payable;
  • You can access the rotations you need to progress your career; and
  • You are working in a healthy workplace environment.

We want your full and frank feedback on your current hospital of employment, so that we can recognise the hospitals that are ideal for Doctors in Training and those that need improvement. We will then work collaboratively with Hospitals to anonymously address identified areas of concern.

This 5- minute survey is open to interns, junior house officers and senior house officers.


The survey closes on Friday 31 August 2018 and findings will be published in early October to help inform your decision-making for future positions.  

Thank you for you participation. Your reply helps to shape a more positive future for Doctors in Training in Queensland.

Kind regards,

Dr Chris Maguire
Chair – AMA Queensland Council of Doctors in Training

Published: 22 Jun 2018