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17 Sep 2019

From floods in the Bahamas to fires right on our doorstep, it’s only taken a few weeks for nature to validate the AMA’s recent statement recognising climate change as a health emergency. 

The AMA’s recent Position Statement, Environmental Sustainability in Health Care - 2019 outlines how the medical profession can reduce its environmental footprint and thereby reduce the impact of climate change on the health of our patients and communities.

As part of the AMA’s recent announcement, existing policies were reiterated; the Australian Government should take the following actions to minimise the impact of climate change on health:

  • Adopt mitigation targets within an Australian carbon budget.
  • Promote the health benefits of addressing climate change.
  • Develop a National Strategy for Health and Climate Change.
  • Promote an active transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.
  • Establish a National Sustainable Development Unit to reduce carbon emissions in the healthcare sector.

The health emergency announcement generated a significant amount of media attention, most of which was largely positive regarding the AMA’s leadership on this issue.

Backed by the AMA, student members have the opportunity to generate real change in the medical profession and broader community by recognising health risks associated with climate change.

Interested in learning more? Why not read the MJA article: ‘Climate Change: a brief overview of the science and health impacts for Australia’, available on doctorportal Learning. It’s free!


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Published: 17 Sep 2019