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17 Sep 2019

Dear Career Advisor, I’m a Y5 med student considering my options for internship and future career possibilities. What should I know about going for job interviews? 

The aim of any interview is for people to meet the person behind the application, follow these three simple steps to secure your dream job:  

1.   Plan:  
The earlier you plan, the easier the process! Planning will better your chances for success. Set aside some time to go through practice questions, gather samples and write out responses. Note relevant examples of experiences and gather your thoughts on the skills and attributes you can bring to the role. 

2.   Practice:  
Interviewers look favourably to people who can communicate in a coherent and concise manner. Practice saying your responses out loud focusing on content, delivery and length of response.  
The objective is to be relaxed and adept when talking about yourself, ask a friend for feedback.  

3.   Deliver:  
Remember, the interviewers are on your side. Listen to each question, think through and deliver your responses with a sure and steady voice. Your mission is to confidently express your achievements and suitability for the role. 


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Published: 17 Sep 2019