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14 Feb 2020

Dear Career Advisor,
I’m thinking about the sort of activities that will set me apart from my cohort once it’s time to start applying for resident jobs. What can I do during med school that will increase my chances of getting invited to interviews?   


Medical school is the ideal time to begin preparing a portfolio of evidence to support the application needed for your first medical role. 

Here are some steps you can take now to work towards strong applications:

  • Build your medical CV. You will need this to present before or after internship, depending on which state or territory you are planning to start working in.
  • Look at medical specialty areas and research the necessary requirements so you can consider how these align with your interests and work/study preferences.
  • Some medical specialties will require solid research experience. Investigate what is viewed favourably by the specialty colleges of interest and seek out opportunities. 
  • Start a portfolio of documents that may be needed by internship application bodies and other institutions throughout your career.

Start here! 

Jump online and complete the module, Preparing for Your First Medical Role .  

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Published: 14 Feb 2020