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10 Jul 2017

Welcome to this edition of the AMA Psychiatrists’ Newsletter.

I am Steve Kisely, Chair of the AMA Psychiatrists Group (AMAPG). I currently teach in the School of Medicine, University of Queensland and have a wide background in clinical psychiatry and research.

The newsletter covers:

  1. Budget 2017-18 - mental health impacts
  2. NDIS issues
  3. Mental Health Position Statement update
  4. Suicide prevention update
  5. Primary Health Network Advisory Panel on Mental Health
  6. New funding announcements
  7. PHNs and private psychiatry services
  8. Clinical and psychosocial services - community mental health 

A key objective for this newsletter is to help psychiatrists stay informed on key issues that are likely to affect us as a group, and inform us of wider developments. Optimal arrangements for mental health services won’t ‘land in place’ without the informed and active involvement of psychiatrists. This newsletter has been kept short to assist this process with information that is accessible and easy to digest. It is also crucial you let us know of any concerns so we can represent you better.

If you are interested in these issues or other work of the AMAPG, or have feedback on the newsletter (content or format), the current AMAPG members and their contact email addresses are: 



Prof Steve Kisely

Dr Bill Pring

Dr Choong-Siew Yong

A/Prof Robert Parker

Dr Gary Galambos

Dr Yvonne White

A/Prof Jeffrey Looi

Dr Martin Nothling

Dr Norman Lewis

Dr Tom Stanley

Dr Thomas Patterson

 AMAPG is open to new members. If you are interested in joining the AMAPG please feel free to discuss with me or other members of the group.

Published: 10 Jul 2017