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13 Apr 2016

The Independent Hospitals Pricing Authority (IHPA) is developing the Australian Mental Health Care Classification (AMHCC) including a supporting Activity Based Funding (ABF) Mental Health Care Data Set Specification (ABF MHC DSS).  The development of the AMHCC is intended to significantly improve the clinical meaningfulness of mental health classification, leading to an improvement in the cost predictiveness and will support the new models of care being implemented in all states and territories.

AMAPG has been provided with regular updates on the development of the AMHCC, including the Mental Health Costing Study and the development of the ABF MHC DSS.

Classification development has been informed by the findings of the Definition and Cost Drivers for Mental Health Services project, the Mental Health Costing Study, and expert advice from IHPA's Mental Health Classification Expert Reference Group (MHCERG) and the Mental Health Working Group (MHWG), on which MHISSC is represented.

The Mental Health Costing Study final report was published on IHPA's website on 2 February 2016.

This work has also been undertaken with considerable clinical and stakeholder input including two public consultation processes that were undertaken in January 2015 and December 2015.   IHPA also undertook a pilot of the AMHCC at four sites in late 2015 to test the AMHCC and supporting materials. The results of this are currently being analysed.

In line with commitments in the Pricing Framework and IHPA Work Program, the AMHCC Version 1.0 will be implemented on a best endeavours basis from 1 July 2016, ahead of pricing from 1 July 2017.

Published: 13 Apr 2016