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02 Dec 2019


It’s that time of year again when children are on holidays and many doctors take a well-earned break from medicine.

It’s nice to have the time to put your feet up, sit back and relax in front of the telly for a change.

But as everyone has noticed the decent offerings on free-to-air television are few and far between so most nights I’m now watching YouTube clips streamed to my flat screen.

And with Google having acquired YouTube in 2006 it’s a service that uses algorithms to pick content for me based on my past Google searches.

So what do I like to watch when I’m not consulting?

For starters with 105,000 subscribers there’s Gary Scott at Autoshine Cars.

A Scotsman based in Blackpool his YouTube clips start with “Hello boys and girls, it’s me again”, but after that his accent is incomprehensible.

The premise of his YouTube channel is that customers bring in their really dirty cars and in the next eight hours he details them back to as new.

Through the wonders of technology this is all compressed into a 15 minute video with a soundtrack of some of the best music I’ve ever heard.

A feature of his channel is that fast-forwarding through the cleaning makes the whole exercise appear to be quick, fun and entertaining.

I would say that his clips are mildly addictive (I watch them every night) and it is impossible to switch off until after the clean-car reveal.

His most-watched clip of cleaning a really dirty Mazda 6 has had 606,000 views and I’d suggest he makes more money from advertising and affiliate marketing than he does from cleaning cars.

Next there’s Doug DeMuro with 3.2 million subscribers who takes viewers on a tour of “the interesting quirks and features” of all sorts of cars which are mostly garaged in Southern California (San Diego and Orange County).

His awkward and dorky style is accentuated by his appearance as he usually wears shorts and tee-shirts during his car reviews.

At over 1.9 metres tall he is built to test head and legroom.

He touches every button and then either pushes or pulls every knob before taking the car out on the road.

There is only ever one camera angle focussed on his beaming smile when he’s driving and then he delivers a DougScore made up of weekend (enthusiast/fun) points and daily (practical/sensible) points.

Currently the car with the highest combined DougScore is the 1994 McLaren F1 with 74 points.

The lowest Doug Score belongs to the 1969 BMW Isetta with 25 points.

Hoovie’s Garage has fewer subscribers at 810,000 but he makes up for it by buying the cheapest example of all sorts of mostly expensive older vehicles on their last legs.

Before YouTube Hoovie was a car salesman which is easy to see with his flash outfits and his capacious home with a garage the size of most hospitals.

His cars are neatly stacked vertically in the background of his videos, but every vehicle has expensive repairs pending after a trip to the local workshop manned by The Wizard who, wait for it, also has his own YouTube channel.

Car Wizard has a lot less subscribers, but his videos often have more views and are educational rather than entertaining.

But my favourite YouTube channel is Marty’s Matchbox Makeovers.

Marty is based in Melbourne and each video is a nostalgic trip down memory lane for me as he restores the toys of my childhood to mint condition.

Please have a safe Christmas and I look forward to driving with you again in the New Year.


Published: 02 Dec 2019