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04 Dec 2018

Official National Health Service figures recently released revel that one in four young women in England are suffering some form of mental illness.

Depression and anxiety are the biggest problems, but the NHS reports found young women aged 17 to 19 were twice as likely to be struggling with mental health issues as young men of the same age.

A total of 23.9 per cent of young women in that age group admitted to a mental health disorder.

The results come form a survey of 9,000 young people across the country. Statisticians from NHS Digital analysed the findings and ensured only diagnosable conditions were included in the final results.

Mental health issues in younger children and teenagers were not as prevalent, but were slowly on the rise, the study found.

Pressure over body image, social media, school exams, and sexual harassment are all reported as significant factors contributing the mental health disorders of many of the young women.

Published: 04 Dec 2018