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Medical claims for diagnostic imaging and pathology provided to patients in public hospital emergency departments

13 May 2014

Diagnostic imaging and pathologist specialist members should be aware they are legally responsible for all services claimed under Medicare that are billed under their provider number or in their name, even if the billing was done by hospital administration.

Pathology and diagnostic imaging services for patients in public hospital emergency departments are covered by Australian Government funding arrangements and are not eligible for Medicare benefits. 

Emergency patients are to be treated as public patients until a clinical decision to admit has been made and the patient has elected to be admitted as a private patient.

More information about this is available from the Medicare website:

The AMA provides the following advice to members about the use of provider numbers in public hospitals:

·         where medical services claimed against Medicare are being rendered in public hospitals under a medical practitioner's name and billing provider number, the practitioner must be made fully aware of, and be prepared to accept responsibility for, that billing;

·         where services claimed are being rendered in a public hospital, medical practitioners should seek a written guarantee from the hospital that the arrangement is not in breach of the relevant Australian Health Care Agreement; and

·         public hospitals must provide doctors with full records of all medical accounts raised in their name.

If you believe your provider number may have been used in ways that contravene the relevant provisions in the Health Insurance Act, the AMA recommends you contact your State AMA Office. As this issue affects employment contracts, State AMAs will be able to coordinate representation for affected members.

The AMA will keep abreast of Medicare compliance matters through its participation on the DHS Compliance Working Group.

Published: 13 May 2014