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04 Feb 2019

Not even royalty can get celebrities interested in supporting mental health.

That appeared to be the insinuation made by Prince William when he told the recent Davos World Economic Forum that every celebrity he asked to support his Heads Together mental health initiative had refused to lend a hand.

Prince William – the Duke of Cambridge – told the forum he had approached many stars but none appeared willing to be associated with mental health.

“For some reason, people are embarrassed about their emotions - British people particularly,” he said,

The Duke said he believed Britain’s wartime generation helped to create some of the stigma, because people preferred not to talk about "horrendous" events. They passed a stoic attitude onto their children.

“A whole generation inherited (it). This was the way you deal with your problems. You don't talk about it,” he said.

“A new generation knows that's not normal.”

The prince created Heads Together in 2017 with the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

He also told the forum about his own struggles with mental health.

Published: 04 Feb 2019