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27 Sep 2018

Excess alcohol consumption, poor diet, and lazy lifestyles cause about 20,000 heart attack deaths in England every year, sparking authorities to urge people to check their ‘heart age’.

Public Health England has issued a call for people to undergo tests that can forecast when someone might suffer a stroke or heart attack.

Called the Heart Age Test, it is designed for people aged 30+ who must answer a series of questions about their physical health, diet and lifestyle.

If results show that their heart age is higher than their actual age, participants are told of their increased risk of heart attack and stroke, and they are advised on how to change their habits so as to minimise the risk.

Close to two million tests have been done, revealing that four out of five people have heart ages higher than their actual ages.

PHE said while about 24,000 heart attack deaths a year are suffered by people aged under 75, four in five of those cases could be prevented with lifestyle changes.



Published: 27 Sep 2018