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15 Nov 2019

Consumer advocacy group Choice has found that the Health Star Rating on food labels is having a positive impact. It now wants the labelling advice compulsory on all packaged products.

Choice’s research survey tested community perceptions of products with and without the Health Star Rating.

“It’s clear to us that Health Stars make it far easier for people to pick healthy foods,” said Choice’s food policy expert, Linda Przhedetsky.

“Our survey found that without Health Stars, two-thirds of people rely on marketing material to decide if something is a healthy choice. Too many food brands still try to trick us into buying their unhealthy products with misleading images and claims. A compulsory Health Star Rating system will help disrupt the food industry’s tricks.”

Choice has written to all Health Ministers asking that the Health Star Ratings be made compulsory for all packaged food products.

The full report can be viewed at:


Published: 15 Nov 2019