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  • From wheels to wings

    13 Nov 2019
    BY DR CLIVE FRASER  It has been exactly 100 years since a duo of intrepid explorers set off from Longreach in Western Queensland in a Model T Ford to survey landing...

  • The 2019 Mitsubishi Pajero

    11 Oct 2019
    BY DR CLIVE FRASER  In 1983, Mitsubishi released in Australia its yet-to-be-iconic Pajero.Named after a South American Pampas cat, there were unfortunate Spanish...

  • Lifetime world maps

    09 Sep 2019
    BY DR CLIVE FRASERWhen I first graduated in 1981, the average life expectancy of a male in Australia was 71.4 years.Unsurprisingly, for a female the average life expectancy back...

  • Just in time!

    12 Jul 2019
    BY DR CLIVE FRASER   100,000 kilometres is a reasonable distance for any car to travel.Most of my colleagues have off-loaded their cars long before the odometer goes...

  • Holden Equinox

    13 Jun 2019
    BY DR CLIVE FRASER  At exactly 1.54am on June 22, 2019 the earth’s South Pole will be maximally tilted away from the sun and consequently the Southern Hemisphere...

  • My kitchen rules

    14 May 2019
    BY DR CLIVE FRASERFree-to-air television is clearly struggling against the digitally disruptive streaming services. And without the revenue flow from advertisers, networks can’t...

  • Mary Poppins and soot

    11 Apr 2019
    BY DR CLIVE FRASERIn 1964, Walt Disney created a magical movie about a London governess named Mary Poppins.I was six years old when I first saw the movie and immediately fell into...

  • Reefer Madness?

    08 Mar 2019
    BY DR CLIVE FRASERIt’s been two years since the prescribing of medicinal Cannabis became legal in my home state of Queensland.Undoubtedly the legislation and its implementation...

  • I need a boost!

    18 Feb 2019
    BY DR CLIVE FRASER Medical students are taught to take a good history before laying a hand on a patient. We’re told that if you listen to your patient, they will tell...

  • Taking a gamble on TheLott

    06 Dec 2018
    BY DR CLIVE FRASERAfter protesting recently about MHR (My Health Record) and all of the possibilities of my privacy being breached, I thought that I would let my colleagues know...