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Doctors invited to subscribe to new Olive Wellness Institute

Download a free olive health and wellness e-book, containing comprehensive information about the history and science behind olive products.

27 Apr 2018

A new online resource promoting the health attributes of extra virgin olive oil has been launched to coincide with the latest international findings of the benefits of a Mediterranean diet.

The world-first Olive Wellness Institute aims to build awareness of olive products through the gathering, sharing and promotion of credible, evidence-based information pertaining to their nutrition, and health and wellness benefits.

The Institute, which is sponsored by olive company Boundary Blend Limited, is asking doctors to subscribe to its free online research source.

Professor Catherine Itsiopoulos, Head of the School of Allied Health at La Trobe University, chairs the Olive Wellness Institute’s (OWI) advisory panel.

“Given the abundant misinformation on the health benefits of foods, ingredients and supplements, a collaborative organisation like the OWI will offer healthcare professionals, scientists, academics and members of the general public, invaluable access to evidence-based information about extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and other olive products,” she said.

“I have been researching the impact of the Mediterranean diet for more than 20 years, and EVOO forms the basis of the dietary advice I provide to patients with heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases.”

Prof Itsiopoulos is currently conducting a trial which aims to demonstrate the positive effects of the Mediterranean diet on patients with coronary heart disease.

A new research review, published last month in the Journals of Gerontology and titled The Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet: Metabolic and Molecular Mechanisms, highlights the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of phytochemicals found in EVOO.

Conducted by US and Italian geriatric and nutritional research scientists, the review discusses the role played by EVOO and the Mediterranean diet in trying to reduce the risk of stroke, Type 2 diabetes, peripheral artery disease and breast cancer.

Subscription to the olive wellness community is free via the OWI website:

Subscribers can access:

  • Regularly updated news and articles relating to olive nutrition, health and wellness.
  • An easily searchable and comprehensive olive science database featuring prominent recent research findings.
  • An expert library listing designed to facilitate queries and research collaboration.
  • A list of relevant olive events worldwide.

New subscribers can also download a free olive health and wellness e-book, containing comprehensive information about the history and science behind olive products.


Published: 27 Apr 2018