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14 May 2018

Below is a letter sent to Dr Jill Tomlinson following an article that appeared in AusMed on April 16, 2018. AusMed sought and received permission from both Dr Tomlinson and the ABA to publish the letter in this edition.


Dear Dr Tomlinson

Firstly, congratulations on the birth of your daughter, Anna.  

It was fantastic to see the Australian Medical Association supporting you and Anna at the recent Federal Council. Returning to work is recognised as one of the barriers for many mothers to continue breastfeeding.

The Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) members and volunteers have campaigned for a number of years for the inclusion of breastfeeding within anti-discrimination laws and paid maternity leave. 

To see women such as yourself supported by AMA underlines that our work does make a difference and shows Australia that breastfeeding mothers can participate in the workplace when the right supports are in place.  

ABA would like to offer to support you further in your breastfeeding relationship with a personal membership to our Association.  

ABA provides evidence-based information, peer to peer support, advocacy, health professional education and, in your case, a Breastfeeding Friendly Environments program. This program supports employers to support their employees returning to work after having a child.   

If you would like to take up this offer please let me know and we will arrange for a membership.

Again, congratulations and we wish you and your family every happiness.


Arianwen Harris
ACT NSW Branch Office Administration Officer
Australian Breastfeeding Association


Editor’s note: Dr Tomlinson had already been gifted an ABA membership by a colleague and so will, with the agreement of the ABA, “pay this gift membership forward” to the person most likely to be the next breastfeeding AMA Federal Councillor. 


Published: 14 May 2018