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23 Sep 2019

In a profile article that appeared in the September 16, 2019 edition of Australian Medicine about Dr Robert Likeman OAM CSM (Doctor, soldier, writer, historian), it states: In 2005, he was appointed Medical Officer to Prime Minister John Howard.

This was an official assignment to accompany Mr Howard to Papua New Guinea for the 36th Pacific Islands Forum. It was not a permanent role for Dr Likeman.

As is widely known, Dr Graeme Killer AO was the official Medical Officer to five Prime Ministers, which included Mr Howard’s full term. Dr Killer also travelled at times as the Governor-General’s physician. It was during such an occasion that Dr Likeman – who was based in Townsville, was a senior Defence medic, and had experience in PNG – was appointed to stand in for Dr Killer with the PM for the duration of the Forum and the flights to and from PNG.

Published: 23 Sep 2019