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22 Oct 2019




Fee Indexation for 2019  

The AMA will be indexing its recommended fees on 1 November 2019 for existing items on Fees List Online in line with CPI and Wage Index increases. To assist with your implementation of these new recommended fees, a preview file has been uploaded to Fees List here:


Other Changes to the AMA Fees List on 1 November 2019

In addition to a preview of indexation of the fees, a preview of the significant changes to anaesthesia and colonoscopy items reflecting the Government’s MBS review changes have been uploaded to Fees List.

These previews can be found in the turquoise banner on top of the page when you log in to Fees List Online. 

If you are an AMA member and have any difficulties with your password or login details, please contact Member Services on: MemberServices@ama.comaum or call 1300 133 655.

For non-member subscribers of the AMA Fees List and AMA members, if you have difficulty accessing these previews, please contact us at:

The Government has made extensive changes to the anaesthesia and colonoscopy suite of MBS items. With a small number of exceptions, the AMA will be reflecting these in the AMA List.

The Government changes include:



The revised MBS structure contains 28 amended items, 10 new items, and deletes 31 items.

NB: some services no longer receive Medicare funding.



The revised MBS structure is highly prescriptive with new items to distinguish eligible patient cohorts by interval screenings, as recommended by the MBS Review Taskforce.

NB: Some services no longer receive Medicare funding.


A ‘Summary of Changes’ for November 2019 has been uploaded to Fees List Online as a preview to assist you to implement the considerable number of MBS changes to anaesthesia and colonoscopy.


MBS Changes Not Implemented by the AMA on 1 November 2019

Due to the high volume and complexity of MBS changes and the need to consult with relevant specialist groups and establish new fees, the AMA has not been able to achieve reflection of all of these in the AMA Fees List for 1 November 2019. This will be done as soon as possible after consultation and a Fees List Committee meeting.


You will be advised at a future date of forthcoming changes to implement the MBS changes to: 

  • Eating disorders – a comprehensive suite of GP, other specialist, and allied health eating disorder items.
  • Eligible patients will be able to access up to 40 psychological, medical, consultant psychiatrist, and 20 dietetic services in a 12-month


These items are modelled on existing GP mental health care plan items. 

  • Telehealth –new GP items (2461 -2483) for people living in MMM areas 6-7.
  • Diagnostic imaging – new breast MRI items, two new breast PET items, 1 new mobile skeletal x-ray item for residential aged care 

Other ‘minor’ amendments to:  

  • 2 Sleep studies items.
  • 8 spinal surgery items .
  • 1 ENT item replaced with a new item for stroboscopy.
  • Urology - to restrict Medicare benefits for services connected with ExMI.
  • 6 cystic fibrosis gene testing items .
  • 1 plastic and reconstructive surgery item to be split into two.

Published: 22 Oct 2019