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04 Dec 2018

In our continuing series of light and friendly profiles of members of the AMA Federal Council, Australian Medicine talks to Council Chair Dr Beverley Rowbotham.

AM: What are you reading right now?

BR: I have just finished The Lost Man by Jane Harper. She writes terrific thrillers set in the Australian outback. This is the best yet. Before that I had read Outline by Rachel Cusk. This is an interesting style of storytelling where the narrator is invisible and the story unfolds from conversations she has with others. I am interested enough to read the rest of the trilogy. 

AM: What music do you like?

BR: Indie rock – my son is an indie rock musician.

AM: Your favourite holiday destination?

BR: Noosa, Queensland. Perfect any time of the year.

AM: Your favourite meal?

BR: Asian Australian fusion – with chips.

AM: Favourite drink?

BR: Our friends make wine at Ballandean in Queensland. The label is Bent Road. It is terrific – at last we have the right vines planted for Queensland conditions.  And coffee – Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters at Albion in Brisbane.  

AM: What team/s do you follow?

BR: Australian Men’s test cricket – we can rebuild! Queensland league teams, and any team Wayne Bennett is coaching.

AM: Why medicine?

BR: It is the sweet spot – interesting and useful, the meeting place of science and the humanities.

AM: Why the AMA?

BR: To be a doctor is to be a member of a tribe. It is a specific calling and way of life. And the AMA is the natural home of the tribe. I have met terrific people at the AMA – doctor colleagues and the fantastic people who manage our policy – who are passionate about good medicine and good careers for doctors. That is worth defending.



Published: 04 Dec 2018