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14 May 2018

Nominating for the position of AMA President

My name is Dr Gino Pecoraro and I’m asking for your vote in the AMA National Presidential election.

Australia’s stressed healthcare system needs an upgrade. The ideal time for change is now, with Government reviewing the MBS and private health insurance value and affordability.

Our largely State-funded public health facilities are struggling to meet increasing demand and need ongoing additional funding. Private sector access is increasingly more expensive with non-indexed Medicare and PHI rebates causing greater out of pocket costs. 

Some form of indexation (ideally one supported by the AMA) must be embedded in legislation. In this way, rebates can start to reflect the true cost of accessing services and keep medical care affordable.

Ensuring our GPs are adequately paid will help them give patients the time needed to deliver quality care and disease prevention. Ultimately, this will keep patients out of already crowded hospitals and save the health system money.  

Similarly, PHI providers need to understand that their moves towards managed care models will not be tolerated and that patient choice of doctor and hospital must be protected in all policies.

Decreased demand for public hospital outpatient and inpatient services means money can be redirected to other areas e.g. emergency department waiting times and chronically underfunded mental health services.

Medical student numbers have radically increased without an increase in the number of postgraduate training positions. No more medical schools are needed. What students and doctors-in-training really need are an increase in the number of fully-funded postgraduate training positions. These positions need to be in the disciplines and locations where shortages exist. Relocation support needs to be provided for these doctors and their families. 

The AMA President is expected to be the public face of the organisation and deliver our members’ policies to parliamentarians, the medical profession and the general public. 

My extensive experience in medical politics is what makes me the best candidate, and includes:

  • Senior roles with RANZCOG (Council, Board and Examinations);
  • Ongoing association with the University of Queensland;
  • 2010 Queensland AMA President and Board Member; and
  • Current Federal Council representative for Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

I have been instrumental in the Federal Council’s formation of the Council of Private Specialist Practice, developed to serve a previously underrepresented part of our membership. I have acted on the AMA’s behalf to put a stop to the National Maternity Services Framework, which had been formed without a single doctor on the committee. I continue to represent the AMA on multiple Government committees.

An AMA President must be an effective communicator. I’m a seasoned media performer with 25 years’ experience encompassing print, radio, television and online platforms.

I continue to write columns for newspapers and magazines as well as having produced and presented State and national television shows. I have experience in live breakfast, drive and talkback radio.

My eight years’ experience on Federal Council means I fully understand the workings of both our organisation and the Government departments we seek to influence.

* See other candidate profiles under INFORMATION tab on this AusMed site.  



Published: 14 May 2018