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14 Mar 2018

This year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival will see one highly awarded comedian take a fresh look at cancer.

Adam McKenzie, winner of the festival’s Best Comedy Award in 2014, its Moosehead Award last year, and numerous other prestigious nominations, will present Laser Light to share his own account of fighting the disease.

“This year I will be telling the hilarious story of how I totally almost died,” he said.

“At the age of 37, in April 2016, three weeks into a sold out run at Comedy Festival, I was diagnosed with bowel cancer and rushed into emergency surgery.”

Laser Light is a hilarious look at what it takes to laugh in the face of death.

It’s about the things that make Adam happy.

“Lasers and Star Trek,” he said.  

“It’s definitely not about cancer! … It’s mostly about cancer.

“Will there be lasers in the show? Absolutely!

“Budgetary constraints, OH&S issues, literally no experiences with lasers whatsoever – none of that is stopping me from promising you the most amazing laser light show you’ve ever seen….. Lasers may be metaphorical.”

Turning serious for a moment (kind of), Adam says Australia needs to talk more about health.

“Men’s health, women’s health, everyone’s health. Why not laugh about it as well?” he said.

Laser Light uses comedy to talk about cancer, health and having to poo into a bag.

“Focusing on my personal story of recovery, this show highlights how important it is to take care of yourself, no matter how old you are.

“They say comedy is the best form of medicine. Well, I’m putting that to the test.

“Just to be clear though, I’m also taking actual medicine. I’m not crazy.”


Adam McKenzie’s Laser Light runs April 10 to 22 at 8.30pm (7.30pm on Sundays) at ACMI – Games Room – Federation Square, Melbourne.

Published: 14 Mar 2018