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Rescue Paramedics; Scrublands; The Incidental Tourist

09 Oct 2018



Rescue Paramedics
By Brett Stevens
New Holland Publishers

Sub-tiled True-life stories of front line paramedics, this book is a riveting read about the often unheralded work of those first on the scene of so many tragedies and accidents …  as well as some of life’s most uplifting experiences.

Births, deaths, rescues, burns, overdoses, stabbings, shootings, crashes, and crash-throughs are all described in these pages with humanity and powerful insight.

Extremely well written and easy to read, Rescue Paramedics is a fitting tribute to those who put themselves on the line to be there when duty calls and people need help.  


By Chris Hammer
Allen & Unwin

A page turner! This crime, thriller, suspense novel is simply brilliant.

Set in a dying rural town of the Australian Riverina, this is more a “why-done-it?” than a “who-done-it?”.

The crime is revealed in the first paragraphs of the book and the rest of the journey sets about trying to untangle what seems to be a very messy web.

Hammer’s prose is beautiful. And he defiantly wraps up myriad sub-plots just when you think the task impossible.

You can feel a part of this tight-knit community that has more dark secrets and seedy characters than any town should.

There is a very good reason that Scrublands hit the bestsellers list immediately and has stayed there.


The Incidental Tourist
By Peter Doherty
Melbourne University press

Nobel Prize winner Peter Doherty has written an amazing travel journal, weaving his knowledge of science and medicine with his love of far-flung destinations.

A very enjoyable read, this memoir crosses the globe as well as the decades and all the while posing the deepest of questions, such as “What the hell am I doing here?”.

Doherty won the Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology 1996 for discovering the nature of the cellular immune defence.

His intellect, humour and good nature are all evident in these pages.


Published: 09 Oct 2018