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14 Apr 2015

1. The form is available in an electronic format that is compatible with existing electronic general practice medical records software.

2. Forms are distributed through medical software vendors. Access to forms does not require web surfing during consultations, nor form-filling online.

3. The form has a clear notation that states that medical practitioners may charge a reasonable fee for their services and whether the services are eligible for rebate by Medicare or other insurers.

4. Demographic and medical data can be selected to automatically populate the electronic form with adequate space being provided for comments.

5. Only information essential for the purpose is requested and must not unnecessarily intrude upon patient privacy.

6. Forms do not require the doctor to supply information when a patient can reasonably provide this in their own right.

7. A copy is saved in the patient electronic medical file for future reference.

8. Data file storage size is kept to a minimum.

9. Prior to their release, forms are field tested under the auspices of a recognised medical representative organisation such as the AMA and the RACGP, in association with the MSIA (Medical Software Industry Association).

10. Consideration should be given to future compliance with encrypted electronics transmission capability, in line with new technologies being introduced into general practice.

Published: 14 Apr 2015