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AMA Careers Advisory Service

02 Mar 2015

From graduates preparing their first resume to experienced doctors seeking to carve out a new career path in the Commonwealth public service, the AMA Careers Advisory Service is on hand to provide practical advice and information.

The Careers website, which is at:, gives members access to both general and specific careers advice and information. In addition to direct links to external websites and specific sources of information, the Service also offers practical advice for medical professionals as their medical careers advance.

The Careers Service provides information and support relevant to all stages of an individual’s career, from medical students looking for assistance preparing internship applications - particularly writing resumes and covering letters - through to doctors in training who want to brush up their interview skills to give them a competitive edge at all-important medical college interviews.

But the Service is not only there for those in the early stages of their medical careers. It has also helped qualified medical professionals looking to apply their skills and expertise in jobs beyond medical practice. Among these have been those looking for non-clinical roles in Commonwealth and State public services that take advantage of their skills and experience.

The Service is constantly updating content on its website, including listings of career-related events being staged across the country, and uses feedback from members to help add and develop resources.


Members are encouraged to visit the website, if they haven’t done so already, and we welcome feedback, which can be submitted via the online feedback form on the website.

Published: 02 Mar 2015