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Award Winners of the AMA


Gold Medal

The Gold Medal of the Association is the highest honour the Association can bestow.  It may be awarded to and bestowed on members of the profession who have rendered outstanding services to the Association, to the practice of medicine, or to the community, and shall not be awarded by virtue of holding any office or position within the Association, a State AMA, Craft Group or Special Interest Group.

Recipients of the Gold Medal and the year bestowed:












1964: Sir Cecil Colville

1966: Sir Angus Johnston Murray

1968: Dr Clarence O F Rieger

1971: Dr Roderick H MacDonald

1974: Sir Geoffrey Newman-Morris

1976: Sir Keith Stephen Jones

1977: Dr Ronald Richmond Winton

1983: Dr Lionel Leopold Wilson

1986: Dr Harold Lindsay Thompson 

1987: Dr George Dimitri Repin

1992: Dr Trevor George Pickering












1992: Dr Kevin James Fagan

1993: Dr Bruce Dalway Shepherd

1994: Dr Frederick Bryce Macaulay Phillips

1995: Dr Brendan John Nelson

1998: Sir Gustav Nossal

2004: Dr Michael Scollin Rice

2006: Professor Robin Warren

2006: Professor Barry Marshall

2007: Dr George Santoro

2008: Professor Fiona Stanley

2009: Professor Ian Frazer

President’s Award

The AMA President's Award is granted to a person, not necessarily a medical practitioner, who, in the opinion of the President, has made an outstanding contribution towards fostering the objectives of the AMA.

Recipients of the President’s Award, year bestowed and name of President who nominated:
  1. 1996 - Tricia Caswell, Australian Conservation. Awarded by Dr David Weedon
  2. 1997 - The Rt Hon John Howard, Prime Minister, Uniform Gun Laws. Awarded by Dr Keith Woollard
  3. 1998 - The Hon Graham Kierath, Smoke-free workplaces in WA, awarded by Dr Keith Woollard
  4. 1999 - Dr Peter Arnold, Chair of AMA Federal Council 1995-1999, for his outstanding service to the AMA, awarded by Dr David Brand
  5. 2000 - Mr Roger Kilham, Access Economics and consultant to the AMA, for his economic advice and service to the AMA. Awarded by Dr David Brand
  6. 2002 - Dr Paul Bauert, AMA Northern Teritory President and Federal Councillor, for his contribution to Indigenous health and the AMA. Awarded by Dr Kerryn Phelps
  7. 2003 - Members of the AMA Medical Professional Indemnity Task Force from June 2002 to 31 May 2003.  For their outstanding service to the AMA and the profession through their ongoing commitment to addressing the medical indemnity crisis. Members of the MPITF: Dr Michael Sedgley (Chair), Dr Christopher Cain, Dr William Glasson, Dr Peter Garcia-Webb, Dr Andrew Pesce, Dr Russell Stitz, Dr Nicholas Little, Mr Laurie Pincott. Awarded by Dr Kerryn Phelps
  8. 2004 - The Hon Douglas Ackley Lowe AM, for his outstanding service to the AMA as Executive Officer, AMA Tasmania 1992-2004. Awarded by Dr William Glasson
  9. 2005 - AMA Directors. Awarded by Dr William Glasson
  10. 2006 - Mr John Perrin. Awarded by Dr Mukesh Haikerwal
  11. 2007 - Dr Don Sheldon. Awarded by Dr Mukesh Haikerwal
  12. 2008 - Dr Martin Van der Weyden, Mr Kerry Gallagher, Mr Paul Boyatzis. Awarded by Dr Rosanna Capolingua
  13. 2009 - Dr Mukesh Haikerwal and Dr Dana Wainwright. Awarded by Dr Rosanna Capolingua
  14. 2010 - Professor Caroline de Costa. Awarded by Dr Andrew Pesce
  15. 2011 - Ms Perry Sperling. Awarded by Dr Andrew Pesce
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