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AMA President Breakouts

Dr Lindsay Thompson: AMA President 1982-85 - "A Change in the Air"

Dr Trevor G Pickering: AMA President 1985-88 - "Search for Unity"

Dr Bruce D Shepherd: AMA President 1990-93 - "Let the Battle Commence"

Dr Brendan Nelson: AMA President 1993-95 - "Setting the Agenda"

Dr David Weedon: AMA President 1995-96 - "Reluctant Conductor"

Dr Keith Woollard: AMA President 1996-98 - "Medical Politics"

Dr David Brand: AMA President 1998-2000 - "Engaging with Government"

Professor Kerryn Phelps: AMA President 2000-03 - "Informing the Public"

Dr Bill Glasson: AMA President 2003-05 - "Getting the Message Across"

Dr Mukesh Haikerwal: AMA President 2005-07 - "A Long, Illustrious Line"

Dr Rosanna Capolingua: AMA President 2007-09 - "Standing up for the Profession"

Dr Andrew Pesce: AMA President 2009-11 - "Reforming Health Care"